Placement of Ring cameras

Are there any areas of your home where you would not put a Ring camera? Would it be wrong to have one on a tree toward the front of the yard, closer to the street?

We live in a family-friendly, upper middle class area. Despite living in what most would describe as a “safe” area, we get quite a bit of foot traffic of sketchy looking folks (those that appear to be on drugs, grown men with backpacks on child-sized bikes, car door checkers, etc.) coming through our neighborhood in the overnight hours. Our neighborhood also has experienced a good amount of porch pirate thefts, car break-ins, home break-ins and we personally have had a scary looking guy with a crackpipe in hand come all the way up to our front door in the wee hours of the morning and try to peer in our windows. He broke into a neighbor’s home a couple of streets over shortly after he was prowling around our home.

These events have made us more than a little concerned about personal safety and we have several Ring cams set up at different points on our home/lot. Our house sits pretty far back from the street and unfortunately, with the way our lot is, any cams placed directly on the house only get a good view if someone is right up close to the house. That’s why we decided to install one cam high up on a tree in our yard to get a better view of any prowlers/trespassers.

We’ve had these cameras up for more than two years, but all of a sudden, someone in our neighborhood has apparently taken a dislike to that and was caught on camera last night making snide remarks about us, our camera and our motion lights as they and two others were walking past. We don’t know this person and don’t recognize them, but they felt the need to be snarky and the guy looked straight at our camera last night with a smirk as he said some pretty rude things. I believe this same individual walked by again tonight and had a very bright light that he was purposely shining directly at our camera so as to make it hard to see anything.

I wouldn’t have known that this guy said what he said last night had I not been checking the cams because a sketchy, drugged-out individual on a bike had come through around the same time and shouted obscenities at a family member as she was taking out some trash. It frightened her and I wanted to see if our cam got a good view of the creep. We don’t normally check our Ring cams except for the overnight/early morning hours, since that’s when most of the suspicious activity has occurred here.

So my question is, is there anywhere you would not put a Ring cam or feel uncomfortable about putting one? Are we out of line for having one on a tree in our yard facing our sidewalk and partially facing the street?

Hi, in fairness it really depends which country you live in, as there are certain laws which govern the use of (what this is classed as) CCTV on a domestic premises. If your in UK for example which I am, as long as the purpose of such CCTV is located and directed for the sole purpose of protecting our property if it intrudes onto public property I need to meet certain standards before I legally am allowed. For example at my house, I have a rear gate which is used by my neighbor for access to take his rubbish out. However I have a ring cam positioned above the gate facing my garden, but ateast 25% of the picture is a public council car park. Purpose is to protect my property and there is signage placed ect so people are aware. With ring you can set privacy blockers up, so you could black out all the public space and only show your land, as it were. I think if your purpose is to see the sidewalk and public area with your camera then yes this would be wrong and potentially illegal. However if you have it on a tree facing your land and only partially captures public property then that’s not really a problem. You will probably find it mardy people, just in general want something to moan about.