Pixelating / Out of focus camera

I have a brand new floodlight plus. The problem is every 3-4 seconds it goes slightly out of focus (pixelate?) and refocuses. It’s not too noticeable on the iPhone app , but when viewing on the computer, It’s, to me, very distracting. I can’t look at it very long.
Amazon replaced the original one for this reason, but the new one does it too. I called support and they say it’s normal??? I find it hard to believe that this is how it is designed. I also have a doorbell and another spotlight cam, and neither of them have this problem.
Any input is appreciated, Thanks

Hi @user19411. It seems like this could be due to Adaptive Video Play, which is where the video quality will adjust in order to continue the video without it cutting off or stopping to buffer for a higher quality. This Help Center article here will give you steps to follow to try and improve the connection to your Floodlight Cam . I hope this helps!