Pixelated Video; unable to recognize license plates, faces, etc

Hello community!

I am a newbie, sorry for asking a repeated question but couldn’t find a suitable solution to a critical issue.

I have installed 4 Ring WIRED cameras on each corner of the home, plus a wired doorbell (all version 3 cameras, some with flood lights, some without.

The wifi signal seems strong, tested at the location of the cameras to be above 120Mbs download / 200Mbps upload, however, upon playback the videos

are pixelated so that even when a car pulls into my driveway, I am unable to see the license plates. The camera is mounted about 10ft above the driveway. I have seen YT videos of others’ videos and they are clear as day!

Would anyone know why and how to solve?

What about your internet connection? Your WiFi seems fine, but it won’t matter if you only have 1 Mbps/1 Mbps internet, for example.

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Hi @user10235. What is the RSSI for this Camera? I would also check to ensure that Ring is using the correct ports and protocols as this might help improve the quality. Try posting a screenshot or video so the community can compare the quality of what you are seeing to what is expected.

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