Pink Picture

I had to bang my floodlight camera fairly hard. Also, it cleared up the pink video for 1 day.

WOW I was thinking that hitting it was a joke, but no, handle of a screw driver did the trick.

:UPDATE: checked the camera at night & found that it is no longer going into night vision, tap camerawomen to get it to go into night vision & pink picture is back during the day.

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My camera has been pink for almost a year. Just read this and went out to try it. I can’t believe it worked. Thank you!!!

I have reset my device 3 times and the pink filter comes back within a few hours. What else can be done? Or please replace it.

And now for the technical solution…Tap the camera body, if mounted high use a broom handle. Problem resolved.

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My Floodlight Ring camera was slowly going pink (right to left) and went completely pink. I read all of the comments to resetting the Ring (didn’t work), powering off the system (didn’t work) and finally when I tapped the side of the camera I noticed the color coming back.

Finally the color came back, but when I taped the side again, it went back to pink. Tapped it again and color was normal. Now its back to normal and hopefully it will remain that way. Thanks to all the comments and suggestions.

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I have the older floodlight Cam and this pink issue finally got me about two weeks ago. Yes, I called customer service and did the turn off at the breaker thing but this did not fix the issue. We tried different ways and spent about almost an hour on the phone and still no fix. I did try to bang it on the side a few times and it worked but the issue came back again the next day. Very frustrating!

Well, hot-dignity-dang! After experiencing a worsening pink tinge for the past few months, and after reading through this feed, I decided “why not try the old rap on the side of the head.” I mean, it worked for me as a kid, why not for technology? I grabbed my trusty smooth peen nylon hammer and gave the sensor a slight tap on the sides and top, but at first, no change. I then gave it a few more taps, with slightly more TAP and voilà! The image changed from pink to normal. I’m happy. Thanks for the unorthodox troubleshooting tip.