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yesterday, all of a sudden my floodlight cam view has a red tinge to the picture. the whole field of view is reddish now. Is this some kind of problem with the LED sensor?

:partying_face: I couldn’t believe it when I read that we should give it a whack a few times. Mine was about 3/4 pink. I whacked it on the sides and top and bottom and it went full pink. I whacked it a few more times from the side and it cleared up!!

I’ve been living with this pinkish problem for a while. Powering on and off does nothing. I didn’t try resetting everything from scratch as i figured that was pointless troubleshooting

Don’t give up people. Hit the side of the camera portion a few times!


Hi. Just thought I’d mention that I had the same pink screen issue today. I called Ring and within 10 minutes a free replacement was ordered. Now that I know a replacement is on the way I can start hitting the current one with a mallet to see if it fixes it :+1: :laughing:

Yes. Tapping hard (with my hand a couple of good whacks) on the left side of the camera worked! Hitting on the right side didn’t work (your mileage may vary)

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Why is my flood camera showing pink tint when looking at the video feedback on my phone

What is percussive maintenance?

I had the same problem as half picture is pink. I slapped the side of the camera, then the whole picture turned Pink. I slapped again. Finally, the picture is back to normal.
Reconnecting the device won’t solve the color change problem. I think tapping or slapping the side of the camera is a way to solve the problem.

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Having the same issue. It was all pink and did all the reseting and taking it off Night Vision but I used a strong magnet and the color got lighter. Then had to hit the left side quite a bit. It finally cleared up for 3 days, but now every day the pink is growing and its half pink/clear.
Not sure if hitting it keeps it from not coming back. I will keep trying.

Same here. Pink screen for the last month. Guess I’ll go smack it and see if that works.

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I just did the same thing to 3 of my cameras that were pink! Crazy but it worked! :crazy_face::heart:

I only had to knock one of them once & it worked…the other 2 took a few extra taps on each side…but they are all clear again now! Yay! This had been driving me nuts but I have not had time to even mess with it until today! So glad I got on here & read through this thread! :heart::heart::heart:

Also have the same problem and can confirm tapping on side a few times has provided a fix although the image is still slightly pink to the right side, as others suggested this appears to be a problem with the filter.
Obviously there is an issue with these floodlight cam models that needs to be fixed, mine is a little out of warranty and although I own other Ring cameras and the alarm I will be reluctant to purchase anything else reading how poor the service by Ring is regarding this issue….this particular model is obviously not fit for purpose. a device at this price point should last years without any issues.

Hello, I had the same issue and and resolved it by tapping on the camera. Took my phone outside, brought up a Live View, and started tapping with my knuckle. The red screen moved left and right with each tap. After about ten taps, the picture was back to normal.

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Hello to all,
I had the same issue. I found a solution on YouTube, since the Ring team support was worthless. Go into your Ring App. Go into “live mode” for the affected camera. Then go and tap the affected camera lightly with a screwdriver. For me, I had to tap it a few times on the left and right sides until the picture changed on live mode. After a few taps, it cleared up. Now I am looking at how long it will last…

Hi, this is a stuck IR filter used when the cam is in “night mode”. As suggested you can try:

  • power cycling the cam a few times,
  • tapping the cam to release to filter,
  • use a torch at night to shine into the lens (on/off) to try and force the filter to switch in/out.

You should hear the filter switching in/out. All that can loosen the filter. Else it’s a call to support if it’s still in warranty.

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