PIN code issues

So - not sure who at Ring failed at engineering design but … - I had to install a new router … and now I need to reconnect Ring to the new network BUT the PIN code is on the back of the doorbell … and the doorbell is super-glued to my siding. So what am I supposed to do … this is one of the worst designed products I have ever seen esp with this issue (I guess the Ring team expects you to rip the device off of your front door everytime there is a network change …)

Hi @architectscott. As outlined in the installation directions here, there is no mention of super gluing your Doorbell as a method of installation. Instead, we recommend following the directions and using the supplied installation supplies with the included mounting bracket. We also offer the No-Drill Mount for locations where you cannot drill and allows for easy removal from the mounting bracket. Additionally, we’ve included a insert with the QR code and pin inside the original packaging. If you manage to safely remove your device and need replacement parts, you can find them here.

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