Picture quality at night

The video quality of my security camera is excellent during daylight hours after the sun goes down the picture quality is very blurry and unable to see what has set the motion off. Any suggestions?

Hey @woodze35! If the night vision is not helping with the image adjustment at night, I recommend adding a light in the area. As every environment varies, the lighting or darkness of an area can affect video image quality, or even range of view. Depending on the model of your device, there may also be video settings in the Ring app that could optimize video.

It’s worth also checking your device’s signal strength, or RSSI, in the Ring app to see if it is worse at night. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I agree with the OP, the night recording on my spotlight have become so horrible! Nothing has changed with the position or lighting but the camera is doing some funky stuff making it almost seem like peoples legs dont exist.

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My night vision is doing the same thing. When I first put it up I had no problem seeing what was moving. Now whatever is moving is a blur. The picture otherwise is crystal clear. I could tell whether I has a cat moving or a raccoon. Now I can’t tell unless they are absolutely still. Any suggestions…

Hey neighbors! Could you please share a video example of this? In addition, let us know what your RSSI is and what kind of camera this recording is from! :slight_smile:

I too have experienced very bad “ghosting” on moving objects on my solar powered outdoor battery camera. Here’s a link to a video as an example: http://imgur.com/a/23vLCnE

As you can tell this video is worthless due to the ghosting. Pretty disappointing for being a $200 product.


Forgot to mention the Ring Outdoor Camera has an RSSI of 42.

I don’t like hearing when anyone has things stolen or something wrong happens. It’s especially awful when you thought you were protected by a security system and can’t view the suspicious person!
My ring videos at night used to stink also!
I changed my front porch light bulbs to LED bulbs and from 2700K (cheap and yellow hue) to 5000K (daylight & CRI is 80+) and now it records everything in color and I can see every detail!
Paying even $30 a year is absurd when you can store recordings in the cloud for free. Ring should give us a few MB for free first and I am searching for a new video doorbell that uses an SD card so I can save $30/year or perhaps I’ll get a good hardwired system that records to a hard drive. Security is very important but I’m tired of paying for a little thing hear and a little thing there. It adds up!
Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Healthy New Year!