Picture people when leaving

Take’s Picture of people when leaving but will pick up a car immediately. I’ve tried rezoning changing settings nothing seems to make a difference all I ever get is the back of their heads as they walk away.

Try tweaking your Motion Sensitivity and Frequency settings.

I have adjusted the zone forward backward wide or narrow or whatever it lets you do I adjust it sensitivity it’ll pick up bird spiders but not the people until they walk away It’s very aggravating

The Motion Zone settings are not the settings I refer to.
You might go into your Ring app, select your doorbell’s settings, then select Motion Settings. Look in there.

and that’s the one i have adjusted i even tried moving dots in and out tried smart alerts on and off motion sensitivity low to high advanced motion detection on. i can walk up to my door stand in front of it sometimes it will pick me up sometimes wont . but it loves fast cars gets them all the time.should be a radar gun.

Hi @lenny56769. You might need to adjust the positioning or angle of the Doorbell if it’s often picking up cars driving by in the street. Using a Wedge Kit can help you angle your Doorbell’s view down which will help it focus more on visitors at your door rather than cars in the street, as the street will no longer be in the center of its field of view. You can find Wedge Kits on our website here, you’ll want to use the one that matches the model of Doorbell you have. :slight_smile: