Picture in picture requirement

I can see that this was brought up two years ago and it still isn’t done so we will ask once more.

As far as I’m concerned any and all cameras either one at a time or all at the same time should be able to be seen on any ones TV when they want and especially as they are triggered by an object entering these camera’s FOV and all cameras anytime the RING alarm goes off. RING is definitely behind the times and lacking capabilities. What a shame this was not incorporated in the RING first alarm system. I guess my question is this. When will a firmware update be coming out to take care of this oversight

No one from Ring is going to answer your question.
Ring also doesn’t pre-announce any features/products in these forums. You’ll find out with the rest of us when they choose to make any general announcement about products and/or features.
See if someone already has posted your feature suggestion here ( Latest Products/Feature Request Board topics - Ring Community).
If they have, vote on it. The more votes received the more likely Ring DEVs will take notice. Of course no guarantees that they’ll do them.