Physical on/off switch for Floodlight cam

It seems that this question has been asked before but there doesn’t seem to be an answer.

The description of the product says that it can replace an existing floodlight setup.

Normally, an existing setup is connected to a physical toogle switch so that when you need light in that area, you can just turn it on with the physical toggle switch.

But once I replace my existing floodlights with a floodlight cam, there does not appear to be a way to use the physical toogle switch to turn on the lights for illumination. In fact, keeping the Floodlight cam attached to a physical toggle switch means that I’m powering off the whole unit when I toggle the physical switch to “Off”.

I or my family member would have to go find my phone and access the application to turn on the lights. Is that right? If so, it’s not very good for an existing installation where the light is used for illumination. Seems pretty basic so I thought I’d ask before I gave up on the product.


Hey @Kminor. The Floodlight Cam requires constant power so that it can power on the camera or lights whenever needed. You would need the app to manually control the lights to turn them on/off. I recommend checking out our Ring Smartlighting System, as it seems to be a better fit for you!

@Chelsea_Ring I don’t understand your suggestion. You are recommending that I replace my functioning lights smart lights? How does that help me get trying video functionality there? I don’t need smart lights. I want a video camera and my current lights to share the same location and power source. I just want to not have to look for my phone every time I want to turn on my lights. It would be nice if there were a button / switch accessory that gave you a physical way to remotely control the light on the floodcam. Or have a second set of optional electrical terminals. The first pair is for straight uninterruptible power (hot and ground) and the second set to take the wiring from a wall switch. Thanks but I think I’ll have to find some other solution.

I have had a floodlight cam for almost 2 years and unfortunatly, this is how it works. To manually turn them on (or off), you need the app. Mine is controlled by a manual switch because sometimes, they just won’t turn off when I want so I have to cut the power to it.

the Issue I have with this is that even manually over riding and switching off the lights. They still come back on. I have tried going in to light motion settins and turning off, but at some point it resets itself and comes on again regarless of any overrides. I think this is the big issue with the system. It would also be nice to be able to dim the lights like with my spotlight cam. Currently I am regretting going with ring and should have just gone with my guy instinct and gone with Eufy. Dissapointing really

I used to be able to toggle the light switch controlling power to my Ring flood light cam and that would activate the flood light for about 30 seconds. That feature no longer appears to work. I’m not sure why, perhaps a software update disabled this functionality? I echo your desire to operate the flood lights without using my phone.

Guys, I think there are options to solve this problem. Ring just needs to sell a toggle switch with bluetooth transmitter so that you kept power to the switch but the switch toggled the light on or off via the Bluetooth connection. Or it could be an IoT device using the same WiFi as the ring device.

This can be solved.

But it you make it look like an actual light switch (i.e. replace an existing light switch, you probably have to imprint a warning that the switch doesn’t interrupt power to the device.

There fixed. When can we have it so I can buy one? :slight_smile: