Phone Notifications

I currently have an alarm systems that every time a door or window opens it will pop a notification on my phone. It of course does this if there is an alarm too. It’s a nice feature because I always know if something is left open, etc.
However, I’m thinking of switching over to the Ring Alarm so it will work with all of my existing cameras. Does the Ring App also do this notification when a door or window opens or does it only pop notifications for alarms?

Hi @RobR76. Yes, you can configure your phone to receive specific alerts. This Community post here is an example of what it looks like. I hope this helps!

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Where do I go to configure the alarm so I can turn it down or turn it off

Hi @d14f89c1e3fa1026678591d41745a2. In the Ring App, you can follow the steps below to adjust the volume on the Base Station. It’s important to note that this will not affect the volume of the siren if the alarm is triggered, only the other audio alerts.

  • Tap the menu in the top left of the Ring App.
  • Select Devices.
  • Tap on the Base Station.
  • Tap on the Audio Settings slider.
  • Adjust the slider to your preference, then hit Save in the top right.

Again, this does not affect the volume of the siren should the alarm be triggered. You can also adjust the volume on the Keypad by selecting that instead of the Base Station, and then tapping the same Audio Settings tile there. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile: