Phone Notifications are MIA. Email Notifications not setup but appear

I have ongoing issues with notifications and my devices. For reference, I have a doorbell (Video Doorbell 3) and alarm system. I am the owner of the account, and I have family members as shared users. After installing my devices, I turned on all notifications on, except for email. However, I never get notified when someone rings the doorbell (or if the alarm is going off) except through email.

When my alarm system goes off or someone rings the doorbell, I never get a notification on my phone. Again, I only get notified via email, which is the only form of notifications I do not have turned on.

Weirdly, the notifications I do not really care about (i.e., motion from someone walking/driving by) goes off every single time (on my phone, but not email). Granted, the notifications I actually want (i.e., someone is at my door, ringing the doorbell or my alarm is going off), I do not get on my phone. I only get emails for my alarm system, but I receive zero notifications regarding someone ringing the doorbell (i.e., no alerts on phone or email).

Things get even odder, my dad gets notifications for my doorbell and alarm on his phone. If someone rings the doorbell, he gets a notification and can communicate with that person. If the alarm goes off, then he receives a phone notification. I am the account holder, and this is my apartment (my dad does not live with me).

To make matters worse, one day the alarm went off from 2:27am until 6:02am. My cat was in the house, by himself with a blaring alarm going off for nearly four hours. I was never alerted on my phone, only my email. The only reason the alarm stopped was because my dad woke up to his phone going off, and he drove to my apartment (since I was out of town) to turn it off. I cannot begin to explain the anger and hurt for my cat, who has health problems. It was harmful for him to be subjected to 3.5 hours of a blaring alarm. It could have been avoided if Ring actually alerted me like the app is supposed to and setup to do.

Update: Just added my brother as a shared user. He gets the notifications too. I am the only one who is not getting notified. All three of us have iPhones.

Update: I wanted to add, I cannot use the communication feature. As in, if someone is at the door (or nearby), I cannot respond to them. The feature is just faded out, so I cannot use it. I do have those pre-recorded, quick reply options, but not the microphone. For reference, I enabled microphone access, so it should be available.

I recommend checking your Alarm Alerts section in the Ring app, to ensure the push alerts are toggled. From the Ring app dashboard > open the Main Menu (3 lines top left) > select Settings > select Alarm Alerts.

Please also ensure there is not a VPN enabled on your mobile device, and that your Ring app is up to date/ compatible with your mobile device.

For further assistance, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Hi Marley,

Thank you for responding. My push alerts are toggled, but there are no push notifications appearing.