Phone not connecting message

The Ring app (3.35.1) on my Samsung S20+ complains that it is not connecting to the internet.
I am sitting 6 feet from one of my routers and my wired PC is connected to the internet. I usually have >150Mbs/10Mbs. I think the lowest RSSI I have is -50.

This has been happening more frequently. I have rebooted my routers and phone. Signed out and signed back in to the app. The problem reoccurs.

In the screen shot, I have a good WIFI signal and cellular is available.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I am experiencing the same issue! Except on an iPhone (app version is 5.35.0 which based on the app store, is the latest version as of a month ago).

I can only connect to the app when I am at home. This started happening after the system updated (I was trying to set my alarm and it starting lighting up in a circle, I went to the app and it said “updating”) and then I was away from home and saw the same message as the screenshot posted here.

I have left my house again and was unable to connect to anything in the app when not home.

When I manually disconnect from WiFi, I experience this issue. This has NEVER been an issue before as I am able to use the app (and other apps) when I am not connected to WiFi.

After talking to customer service two separate times, I had to reset the “network settings” on my phone in order for the app to reconnect when not on WiFi.