Phone Location for Motion Snooze


I am new to Ring and a switchover from Nest. On my Nest App i can turn off my camera if my Phone is home it uses the location of my phone for if the camera is on or off. Is this possible with Ring?

I have 2 InDoor Cams and I would like them to only alert of motion when I am not home?

Thank you


You can go in the app and turn off/on the camera. There is no such location based automatic feature at this time. But the more people who request a feature . . . so this post may help.


Thanks for the note :frowning: I hope they add it soon … like the Ring system better than Nest but that feature is going to be missed.

I would love to see this implemented! It is a basic feature with Amazon’s Cloud Cam and should be with this camera also.

Nothing is more irritating that arriving home with a car full of groceries, only to receive notifications as I go in and out. And it is too dangerous to try to disable the motion sense while driving so that it is off when I get home.

Please enable some geofence rules!

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Feel free to add it to our Secuirty Cam’s Feature Request thread :slight_smile: