Phone Connection Is Weak?

Over the last Month a new issue with the Ring app has appreared. When selecting Live View, and even at home connected to my wi-fi, I get a Phone Connection Is Weak message. It’s doing this on my Galaxy S10+ which I’ve had over a year and my new S20 Ultra. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app. Reset all cameras including routers and still this occurs. There is a Problem with this app AGAIN.

Hey @Road1One. Could you try downloading the Rapid Ring app and seeing if you have this concern? Additionally, could you try loading the Live View for your cameras from either app, but make sure you have wifi on your phone turned off, using cellular mobile data only? When on mobile data only, does this improve the experience?

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Mobile data is doing the exact same thing. Makes no difference.

@Road1One How does the Rapid Ring app preform?

Rapid Ring app is better. Still not 100%. Thanks for your help.

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