Phantom dings from original chime

I have a Ring Pro hooked up and functioning properly along with the lowvoltage hardware to the original door chime. When someone presses the button on the Ring, the original chime dings appropriately.

The issue is that periodically throughout the day the original chime gives a small single flat ding. It is not a full chime that it gives when the doorbell is pressed but is instead as if the hammer is given just enough power for a single halfhearted pull.

Help please, I am unable to find anything in your help or forums about phantom dings. It really is more of a d-o-n-g sound but apparently your forums feel that is a “bad word”. :laughing:

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That is certainly odd to hear @lilolbear . A phantom short chime from your chime kit might be an indicator of resistance in power flow or a short. Please ensure the wiring used is standard 18 gauge, rather than thin wire or cat5/6. Also double check that the wires are not touching anywhere to cause a short. If these steps do not resolve this concern, I recommend contacting our support team for more indepth troubleshooting.

Thank you for the reply @Marley_Ring.

Which wiring? The Ring itself is PoE with cat5e but I’m fairly sure you mean the wires from the Ring to the original chime. It’s using the original wiring. I simply removed the old doorbell and installed this one. The old system was a LeGrande video doorbell and we never had a similar issue with it. I will check for a short in those wires. I wasn’t aware that they carried a current unless the doorbell was activated.

Thank you for clarifying that @lilolbear ! This model is the Video Doorbell Elite, in which case your wiring configuration sound proper. If there is no obvious touching or crossing of the wires, I recommend reaching out to our support team so they can troubleshoot in more detail :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem after 3 weeks of “no problems”. Every now and then, a single ‘ding’ is heard from the inside doorbell chime. I have two Ring Doorbel Pro units and heard a 24V transformer should be used for adequate power. I did this - but still get the intermittant single “ding”. Not sure why.

This just started happening to us as well. We’ve had our two ring video doorbell pro’s working for about a week now with no issues until last night. There was a random single ring last night and there was another one this morning. Everything seemed like it was working just fine until now?

Very interesting…

I will be contacting RING to find out if this is a design flaw (shouldn’t be after all this time on the market) or if I need a higher voltage transformer (above the recommended 24V).


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After about 2 yrs of working fine with only an occasional “ding” from the original mechanical chime, our ring 2 is now on rampage causing chimes of random length at random intervals every 2-3 minutes. No motion. No wind. No heat (it’s below freezing right now). Any solutions?

I was getting “a lot” of dings and then contacted Ring directly since I did not see a solution in the “community”.

The Ring guy could have been from out of the country since I called after 6:00PM (CST). The english was inconsistent, and he seemed to not want to address the intermittant ding problem. He had me go into settings for each of the two Pro units I have and turn off the “RING ALERTS” and the “MOTION ALERTS”. Then press that Pro unit’s external doorbell unit. He was able to see the results within my account. Then go back into settings and turn them both back on. Then ring the doorbell unit. It was almost like this was a “re-boot” of the doorbell unit.

After this was done, over the past 5 days now, I have only heard one ding and my wife has heard none during the day. So if this starts to be become a problem again, I will re-do the procedure again. It’s a simple “fix”, I think.

Your mileage may vary on this solution.


Thanks, mpurintun. I tried what the Ring guy told you, but it didn’t work. However, something you said: “It was almost like this was a “re-boot” of the doorbell unit.” led me to look uprebooting the doorbell. It’s worked, so far (~24 hours).

Thanks, again.


To me, there are two types of “rings” -

1 - the normal front (two chimes) or back door bell (one chime)

2 - Ring-generated phantom single chime followed by buzzing at the doorbell on the inside. I also find this to be a somewhat flat sounding ring. Halfhearted is also a good word for it.

I installed the 24V transformer because I have two Ring Pro units. I was still getting the Phantom ring every now and then. I discussed this on the forum and one of the neighbors picked up on the term I used - reboot - after my conversation with Ring support. He tried it and the phantom rings went away. After my phantom rings returned about 3 weeks ago, I followed the method of “rebooting” the external doorbell Ring unit. 3 weeks have gone by without a phantom ring.

This requires you to take the cover off (remove the security screw) and press the botton on the right side of the doorbell unit for 10 seconds. Another option is to disconnect one of the wires for 10 seconds and then re-attach it. Put the doorbell cover back on, attach the secuity screw. The system should be “normal” after about two minutes. Test the doorbell to see if it still works and then listen for unwanted chimes (dings) over the next several days (or weeks).

Hope this helps…


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I just installed a new Ring Pro and it is working fine with the exception that I am having the same problem as described by lilolbear. The dings are single and random (day and night) with no events recorded that correspond to the same time. The sound is faint and normally this would not be a problem but our dog hears the ding, starts barking, and runs to the door. Since the Pro was just installed I don’t think rebooting the doorbell would be of much help so I think I may have screwed something up during the installation. I ran the power diagnostic from the Ring app and it indicated that the power was “Good”. I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks

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Actually, if you can “see” activity" outside through you cell phone, ipad, or laptop, you’ve installed it correctly.

I got the occasional random “ding” and did a variety of things that made it go away - but only temporarily. I have two Pro doorbells that made it more confusing.

If you take the cover off the doorbell, there is a button on the side. If you hold that in for 15 seconds, you can manually re-boot the device. You can then check to see if it is working from your cell phone. If it is - give it a couple of days to see if the random “ding” continues. If you have a continuing problem, call Ring. There is a one year warranty on the unit. I purchased my 2nd one in October 2019 and they are replacing it. Just so happens, the new Pro unit is arriving today (Friday) so it will be installed this weekend. I disconnected the back door unit completely and did not had a random ding for two weeks. I re-attached the back door Pro and the dings started again.

Shouldn’t have to say it, but, “good luck”. Luck shouldn’t be a part of the quality program at Ring (or hope, or praying, or rabbit’s foot).


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