Phantom chimes?

Lately I’ve noticed my two chimes for my ring doorbell and floodlight tends to chime without the app alert notifying any motion/ person detected. No, the notification on the app isn’t turned off. It’s as if the chimes are getting alerted to go off, but not by either of my ring devices. Ive heard hackers have/ can manipulate the cameras but can that be the case for my chimes also? It’s getting pretty annoying to say the least. Also the doorbell camera has seemed to have more phantom alerts then in the past also. Not sure if it’s a firmware update but somebody plz fix it!

Hey @AnthonyBondurant, when your Chime goes off, do you see any event history on either of your device’s logs that match up to those times? If you have not checked this, the next time you get a phantom chime but no mobile push notification, please check in your event history and let me know if the time the Chime went off matches up to any recent events. In addition, are you getting any mobile push notifications at all?

There be no events what so ever. Yeah I have checked, my notification do be on. On my device and yes i do get chimes with some events. I have to check my lady phone to see if the chimes show events on her phone at the corresponding time

@AnthonyBondurant Let me know what the activity is like is on the other phone as well! If the activity still seems to be the same, I recommend to remove the Chime from your account in the Ring app > Devices > Chime > General Settings > Remove This Device. Once removed, make sure the Chime is still plugged into the wall with power and press and hold the button on the side for 30 seconds. If you do not see a button but instead a small hole, just find a needle or something small and long enough to fit in the hole, and press and hold this down for 30 seconds as well. From there, the Chime will be reset, and then you can set it up again.

Monitor the Chime’s activity from there, and let me know if it still seems to chime even when you don’t get a push notification!

We used to get these “phantom” rings/motion alerts on a frequent basis, but that seems to have stopped in the past few months. It IS very ANNOYING, and tech support was of no help when I first reported it 16-18 months ago. They did send a new doorbell, but that did not stop the problem. Some kind of software update may have solved the issue on my doorbell and started it on yours.

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Okay I will do that, thanks. I’ll let you know asap!

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I’m getting these and they’re very annoying. It goes off from midnight at least every hour until sunrise. First time this happened I went to my door with my firearm. This is not good. I do get notification in the app but just in event history. My phone doesn’t actually show up that there’s a notification, just the doorbell chime waking my household. When I check there’s no one there nor did anything trigger it. Please assist.