Personal Storage

Is there a way to store the videos from the Ring Doorbell Pro on my Network Storeage Device?

I currently have a Wetern Digital MyCloud EX4100 NAS.

Thank you for asking this, as I too would wish to record on my own cloud or NAS device. This way we are 100% guanteed security over our own recordings. Not to say that things will go wrong, but we, the owner of the device are to blame, to Ring if something goes wrong!

As far as I know. It’s been asked before and it was stated that you can not.
That’s why I have another system that allows 24/7 recording for all my wired cams for about a month.

Thanks for that reply, it may have been asked before, infact I’m sure it has, but spent 1 hour going through post and this was the only one I could find. The other concerning thing I’m seeing, while going through al of the post, is that not many if any questions are being answered by the powers to be. Not sure the purpose of a forum if only the members, are trying to answer…you get the same from google search or FB. Anyway makes sense that you would not be able to record your own footage, as they would lose out on that revenue. May need to look else where for alternatives that give you the ability to have and be in control of your own recordings!!

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This community is really a member to member forum. Ring staff do help and provide basic troubleshooting. But customer service is where all answers should be provided.