Person not detected when preceeded by a Motion Detected event

I’ve had my Ring Video Doorbell 3 for about 6 weeks and it seemed to work fine up until about a week ago. I’ve done some testing and it seems as though a Person will not be recorded or detected at my front door if “Motion Detected” preceeds it. If I walk out my front door, my Ring detects me immediately. But if a delivery truck arrives, the motion is recorded, but there’s a gap inbetween where the Person Detected should occur. As an example:

  1. I received an email from FedEx that a package was delivered at 9:41am, so I check my Ring app because I didn’t get any notifications
  2. I can see Motion detection of the delivery truck arriving at 9:40
  3. I can see Motion detectino of the delivery truck leaving at 9:42
  4. There is NO Person Detected and there’s a gap in the History at the most critical time


People Only mode=on

Battery has power


Motion Zones (Custom) are set to show my front porch

I have two steps to my front porch but have installed the wedge

Motion Sensitivity = middle of the slider

Motion Frequency = Regularly

System health checks out, wifi is strong

Why is this happening?