Person detection does not work

I see many complaints that person detection does not work, but I am still inclined to add my voice to the chorus of discontent.

I have two Stick Up Cam devices. Both are plugged in. They are positioned about 4 feet
above the ground. I have a Protect Basic plan which offers Person Alerts. On the Motion Settings page, I have Smart Alerts on. On the Smart Alerts page, I have Person set to Record and Send alerts; Other Motion is set to Don’t record and don’t send alerts. I have Motion Sensitivity set to Min. I have Camera Motion Zones set to exclude vehicles and neighboring houses. Nevertheless, I am frequently bothered by false alarms. The cameras trigger on any motion, even motion that is not remotely similar to a person such as snowfall or steam from a heater vent. I have been paying for the Protect Basic plan for nearly two years, hoping all the time that person detection would improve, but it has not. Is there any chance Ring is going to address this deficiency some day?

Here is a collage of images that triggered person detection recently. I have also gotten person-detected alerts caused by a cobweb and a moth. How hard can it be to distinguish snowfall from a person?

Hi @3beezer. Smart Alerts can help you refine your motion alerts, but different factors, such as weather and lighting, can impact person detection. An installation height of about 4 feet above the ground is also a bit low for Stick Up Cams, so this could be affecting Smart Alerts as well. For troubleshooting, you can perform a reboot from the Device Health page, and try adjusting your Motion Zones and camera positioning.

You state authoritatively that a height of 4 feet is “a bit low”. Replies to other posts about the inadequacy of Ring’s person detection state that the customer’s camera was positioned too high. Can you tell me how high the camera should be positioned so that it can distinguish between snowfall and a person? It seems that Ring believes that its person detection algorithm is unassailable, so any erroneous alerts must be the customer’s fault. I doubt that I am the only customer who believes otherwise.

Tensorflow is free software that does a better job of person detection than Ring’s algorithm. If Ring is unable or unwilling to invest in improving its own person detection algorithm, why not use Tensorflow or some other free software? Better yet, how about supporting RTSP streaming so that those of us who are so inclined can use person detection that actually works?

@3beezer We recommend an installation height of 7 feet for Ring Cameras installed indoors, and an installation height of 9 feet for outdoors. You can find more information about camera placement here.