Person Detection and Motion Zones not working Floodlight Pro

The person detection on my Ring Floodlight Pro does not work along with motion zones. I am not new to the Ring Floodlight. I had the original for many years until it went out and it gave me none of the issues I am having with this new Floodlight Pro. At night I continue to get false person detection no matter how the camera is angled or how the sensitivity set. It’s been rebooted and everything setup again and still the same issue. Camera thinks pollen falling from trees are people. Cats walking by are people. It miss identifies the slightest thing as a person making the feature useless. Motion zones are also another major issue…they don’t work. Motion zones are set to the edge of my property and the Floodlight Pro continues to record everything beyond my zones. This has got to be the worst purchase and product from Ring I’ve ever had. My Ring doorbell…No issues. My 2 Ring stick up cams…no issues, but this Floodlight is worthless.