Person Detected versus Motion Detected

Hello. I have a Indoor Ring Camera. There is no-one in the room, however the Ring Camera notifies me of a “person detected”. What is the difference between Motion detected and Person Detected?

I also get a lot of “Motion Detected” during the day in the 2 darker rooms of my house - false alarms. I have tried different sensitity levels, night color vision on/off, infrared on/off, zones, etc… but still get occasional triggers. It may be due to external sun light changing (e.g. clouds) - but what settings do i need to change to mitigate this problem?

Help. Thanks!

Hi @user28187. This Help Center article here will help you with adjusting your Motion Settings. If the sun is shining in and causing a false-positive, try repositioning your Indoor Cam, or using a curtain to block the sunlight. Heat sources can cause the sensors in the Cam to “detect motion” even when the room is still. I hope this information helps.