Person detect

For the last year I have used a ring stick up can to monitor my son overnight who has a micro deletion that causes both a sleep disorder and seizures. Recently something was updated or changed to “person detect” and now my camera will not detect my sons motion at night at all in his bed. I have sensitivity maxed, I have smart alerts to notify of All motion (also turned it off altogether which did nothing), motion frequency set to frequently, i even have advanced setting for zones to only detect motion in his bed and still it only sends a motion or person notification if I walk into the room which is odd because thats not part of the zone I have selected. This has been caused by some kind of update as before this past month I would get motion notifications and recordings if he even rolled over in his bed now the only time I get a recording is with live view or when I walk in the room.

Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this issue?? Basically the camera is now useless for how I purchased it to use all of the sudden….

You might try a Reset of the camera ( How to completely reset your Ring Security Camera – Ring Help)