Person at door notification

My ring doorbell 2020 version keeps at times always at night telling me a person is at the door and it will be a car. Is there a way to fix this? I have my zones set and wedge and all. But still get notifications at time to be false and a car or truck.

Hi @tostegall. I would recommend disabling the People Only Mode to see if that helps the motion detection on your Ring. Some neighbors have found that disabling the People Only Mode works better for them, as everyone’s home environment is different. It may require some trial and error, and the reflection that headlights give off may also trigger false alerts sometimes. :slight_smile:

Also my rings battery is dropping and I’m hardwired. It is at 88 percent now. Anything I can change to make it better. I don’t wanna have to take off and charge battery. Help

Hi @tostegall! Our Community post about battery drain contains all the best variables to check for optimal battery charge. Your battery level sounds great, and should not decline rapidly as long as you are fine tuning your number of events, usage, and connection signal strength. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: