Person and Package Detection option not available for my Ring Doorbell Pro 2

Hello all,
I am entering the world of Ring and I love it. I am slowly migrating away from Google Nest products but I recently bought a Ring Doorbell Pro 2 to replace my Nest Hellos.

I purchased the Ring doorbell because of the feature Person and Package announcement feature to utilize the Alexa echo’s I have in the house.

However I cannot get it to work! I cannot get the Camera Events options for Person and Package Detection announcements options to show up.

I spent alot of time with Amazon and Alexa support but they could not help me.

My current configuration is as follows
From Ontario Canada.
-Latest iOS 15
-Latest Ring app ver
-Lastest Alexa app ver 2.2.485407.0
-The link below I have followed to the tee.
-I am on the Ring protect trial but also signed up for a month to month protect subscription
I am wondering if the 30 day Ring product trial is the problem?

I followed the link above on How to Set Up Alexa Person and Package Announcement.
-I have even uninstalled the ring app and the alexa app multiple times, force closed applications and refreshed.
-Then disabled my Ring skill on my amazon account.
-I did a fresh install of the Ring app and the Alexa app.
-Removed the Ring doorbell pro 2 from both Ring and my Alexa amazon devices list.
-Unlinked and re-linked both my Ring and Amazon account
-Re-added the Doorbell pro 2 on the Ring app and on the Alexa. I did a scan for devices which picked up the Ring doorbell pro 2 and added it to my Alexa devices list.

When I get to the Alexa App and to the Ring doorbell pro 2 devices settings I cannot see the Camera events options circled in red in the below sample screenshot. I only see Announcements for Motion and Doorbell press only.

When I spoke with Amazon Alexa support team they mentioned my doorbell must be Person detection compatible (PD) and they mentioned the flagship Doorbell pro 2 should be able to perform this but could not help me to get it to work - atleast to have these options so I could setup my Alexa Echos to announce a person has been detected over the generic motion announcement.

Missing the Camera Events section!

Not sure what else I can try but I sure would love to replace these Nest Hellos!

Please advise! Going nuts :slight_smile:


Hi @Hobbyguyz. As mentioned in the Help Center article you shared, Alexa Person and Package Detection Announcements is available for US neighbors. Unfortunately, this is not available in Canada at this time. Ring Package Alerts is globally available and is slowly rolling out to all neighbors. If you don’t have this feature yet, it should be making its way to you shortly. Be sure to keep your Ring app up to date for all the latest features, neighbor.

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Ah ok thanks.
@Tom_Ring Do you know if there is a scheduled or approximate roadmap timeframe the Person Detection annoucements will be enabled for the Canadian neighbours? :slight_smile:

HI @Hobbyguyz. I don’t have any information on that. If new information becomes available, I’ll be sure to post it here in the Community.

Hi @Tom_Ring , just wondering if there has been any developments when this function would be available to Canada, if it ever will?


Hi @Hobbyguyz. We do not have any additional information at this time, as we do not have a roadmap or ETA on future feature updates. As Tom mentioned, we’ll post any relevant information on feature updates in the Community when it becomes available.