Permanently disable 2nd gen motion sensor tamper switch

While cleaning, I knocked my motion sensor off its pedestal and onto the floor. The back cover and batteries came off. Unfortunately, after putting it back together the sensor reported “possible tampering” and it wouldn’t clear. The problem was the little plastic “lever” on the sensor body that the back cover “finger” pushes against broke. The physical tamper switch wasn’t being toggled correctly when the back cover was in place. Bummer. As an electronics designer, I don’t care for mechanical interlocks in general. An optical sensor with a little reflective tape would be what I would have used. Anyway, I removed the 4 screw covers, unscrewed the 4 screws and opened the housing. Switch SW1 is closed with the cover off and open when the cover is in place. I used a pick and gently pried SW1 off the PCB while heating the side contacts using a soldering iron. No switch, no switch contacts so it’s permanently open. I reassembled it and the tamper warning is gone for good. I’m not too worried about not having the tamper feature. Hopefully the Ring app doesn’t have an issue with not having the tamper switch. The motion sensor is working. Worst case, I can buy a new one for $30 (and not knock it off its pedestal onto the floor).

Hi @SCache. I can’t imagine there will be any issues with the Motion Detector’s performance despite the Tampered feature no longer working after your DIY fix. Thanks for sharing your feedback and your DIY fix! If any other neighbors are considering this, I’d like to mention that dismantling your device in any way may void your warranty. You can learn more about your device’s warranty here. Should you have any concerns with your device’s performance and you’re not able to find a solution here on the Community, you can reach out to our support team at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile: