Permanent monitor mounted inside door

My first-edition doorbell has finally bitten the dust. I need to replace it. and I’m thinking Pro 2, but I would welcome advice on which model to use. Additionally, I want to mount a monitor on the wall inside the house near the door that I can use for both audio and video., instead of using my phone. Any suggestions on the best device I should use for the monitor? Preferably one that I can click on and have zero or very little latency. Thanks in advance for any help.

@bobdstephens The closest thing to doing what you want is an Echo show with the Ring Alexa skill enabled. This will bring up a live view as soon as the doorbell is rang. Not really a wall mount solution though. Ring doesn’t make exactly what you are after, those types of wall units tend to be part of intercom kits but none work with Ring.

Thanks, @bemak187. Not familiar with Echo Show, but looking briefly online, it looks promising. It looks like I could use this if I build a wall shelf to support it. Are any other devices or hardware needed to use this?

@bobdstephens No you just install the alexa skill on the echo and link it to your Ring account. Its all cloud based so no extra hardware.

Thank you @bemak187. You have been very helpful.

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