Per-user/code ability for door unlock and alarm arming

Wasn’t this a feature? Did this go away? I may be mistaken but I thought I’d set certain users to be able to arm the alarm by entering the code on the door deadbolt and others not.

The issue with my setup is I host AirBnB and I’ve had false alarms triggered by guests. I want them removed from the alarm equation entirely. I want the door lock to be able to disarm only.
I’d like for the AirBnB code to only lock the door with both onetouch and code. No arming.
I’d like all other users to be able to arm the alarm and lock with the code, lock with onetouch.

Is/was this not a thing?

Hey @maxmouse. The feature that you are referencing is something that, once set up, works and is active for all codes that are used in the Ring Alarm system. This includes the master code, the shared user codes, and guest codes. Since the feature is an all or none type of situation, you may be best in disabling this feature if you do not want your residents that temporarily visit to have the ability to lock to arm the system and vice versa. Although, this is a great feature request, so I have made sure to pass this onto our team that works on this kind of thing!

You can split them up by feature. So, for example, you could have one touch lock and arm the system while codes don’t lock and arm the system, but you can’t get to the granularity of assigning individual codes to different permissions/rules. Ultimately, if you are not wanting your Air BnB visitors to have the ability to arm the system when locking the door, you will want to turn off this feature so that you do not run into a false alarm for the visitors.