People Only Mode on RVD2 - not registering doorbell presses half the time

I have discovered what I consider a major bug with People Only Mode on the Ring Doorbell 2. I would love to hear if anyone else has experience this issue.

I have noticed that about 40% of the time, when People Only Mode is switched on, when there is a doorbell press, no notifications are received on any devices including Amazon Echo, iOS devices etc… The only exception is if you have your actual Ring App open at the time, you will receive a notification, otherwise no notification is received on any devices. However, even though no notification is received, the event is properly registered in your recording as a Missed Ring and you can view the recording no problem. This is a clear indication the sensors are working fine. I only noticed that I missed these notifications when looking at my event history, otherwise I would be none the wiser that someone pressed my doorbell.

After some further investigation, I have concluded that this issue is related to People Only Mode since switching it off, this problem does not arise. What appears to happen is that if someone presses the doorbell prior to person detection algorithm is processed, the event notification of a doorbell press is not sent but only recorded. This will conclude the event is properly captured and registered and not a wifi problem as switching it off, this issue does not appear. What the software should do is that no matter what, when there is a doorbell press, it should always send out a doorbell press notification (and not even wait for any event to verified or processed) as sending a doorbell press event notification is core to the functionality and purpose of a doorbell. That’s the primary function of a smart doorbell at the end of the day.

In saying that, Person Only mode is a great piece of functionality and literally removed about 95% of all false notifications from passing cars etc…, however due the bug just mentioned, I am forced to switch this off as otherwise I would risk missing doorbell presses. I love to hear if others have a similar experience as me.

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