Peephole Ring

I have 2 issues. Just installed my Ring Peephole device (had a ring pro in my old home) and can hardly hear the door bell inside my home. Outside works fine. In addition, someone can push doorbell and it will not notify me that someone is at the door until minutes later, I have notifications set up on my phone so that isn’t the problem.

Send it back and get a refund. Bought one of these believing the advertising, its never worked right. Customer services are a joke and an now the other 3 people i know have these all have issues. Not fit for purpose.

Hi @cferdon2. The Doorbell Pro is wired to an existing doorbell circuit, so it was likely ringing your internal doorbell as well. The Peephole Cam is battery-operated and not wired to an existing doorbell circuit, so it will only ring at the device itself and send a notification to your phone unless you have a Ring Chime or Chime Pro connected. You can take a look at the Chime here and the Chime Pro here to learn more.

There could be a few different reasons why the notifications are coming late. What is the RSSI on your Device Health page in the Ring App? Additionally, if you trigger a test event by ringing the Doorbell, do you receive the notification right away or does it take a few minutes? Please let me know if you’re using wifi or cellular data when you try this as well.