Peephole camera

Installed the ring peephole camera about 2 weeks ago, and it hasn’t captured anything and live view and motions are just black screens. I tried getting help from Ring several times with no luck. I was basically told that the problems were because my doorbell was offline, I checked and it wasn’t. I did everything that was suggested. I have a strong wifi connection, did a hard reset and nothing works. I got this thing for security, but there is no such thing when this device isn’t able to capture anything. Is anyone else going through this? Also, the doorbell on the device doesn’t work. It’s just a expensive paperweight at this point. I am looking to do an exchange or take this back and get another brand.

Hi @Sdbascomb37. This could be due to the Ribbon Cable in your Peephole Cam. If this becomes pinched or ripped, it could result in black video. I would carefully separate the 2 parts to your Peephole cam and examine the Ribbon Cable. If this is damaged in any way, it will need to be replaced. You can contact our support team if you need assistance doing this. I hope this information helps!

I installed it yesterday and it did captured couple of motion video and it stopped and any motion or live video is black ! It will recognize motion and take video but taking black video same with Live ! I am looking in app and its online. THey said oh may be software update? like i got this 2 days ago and installed yesterday.

Sad truth is just installed yesterday and ran into issue in few hours. Technical support and this company, both are joke !

If it is ribbon then how did mine worked as soon as i installed and took 3-4 motion video and then stopped and pitch black for motion and live both? If no one has touch anything then how did it pinched or ripped overnight?? Is this a joke ? What kind of product is this and what kind of support you provide?