Peephole Camera records vehicles only, rarely people.

I have the peephole camera, which I love the idea of, but the execution is lacking. I have it set to monitor and record as tight as possible, while still maintaining the reason I ever bought it in the first place but it constantly alerts and records every vehicle that drives down the street while ignoring the vehicles that actually stop in front of my house, or worse, the people that walk right up to my door! I do not want to set the street as a privacy zone because as I said, I want to know who is parking in front of my house. But I do not care to know every single car that drives by. More importantly, or actually most important, I NEED it to actually monitor the area directly in front of my front door!

Hey @Dorc728. It sounds like you have your sensitivity set very high, which is why it is picking up motion far away. I had this happen at my complex as my Peephole Cam was picking up a lot of motion in front of me and down the stairs that I didn’t need. I found that turning down the sensitivity helped out with the excessive amount of motion events recorded, but considering how close the movement is from my camera, some things are still randomly picked up. I recommend playing around with your motion zones to help eliminate the excess motion you have been running into.