Peephole camera pointless!

I’ve had my ring for almost 2 months and I have never captured the post man ! I have tried to fix settings but still nothing. I barely get notifications when motion is on my porch or door, but will get notifications from a car Sometimes! If someone is on my porch I am only notified when they knock at my door or ring the bell! I’m starting to get annoyed! Anyone else experienced this?

Hi there, @Nikjay! The Peephole Camera should be at a naturally advantageous height for detecting motion at your door. Are there stairs leading up to your doorway? If so, this might be the reason that visitors are being detected inconsistently. The best first step is always to check your motion settings such as zones, motion frequency, and other motion related settings. Optimizing these settings will help to detect all motion as needed. You might also find interest in the Package View Faceplate for the Peephole Camera. This allows you to watch both outwards and downwards to see if packages are left, and could help with detecting postal workers.