Peephole Camera image rotation

Peephole camera. Can I mount it upside down and flip the camera orientation in the app like the other ring cameras? I have a number plate on our condo door right below the peephole. In order for the camera mounting to work I would need to flip it upside down so it doesn’t hang down from the peephole, but sticks up above it.

Considering buying one, but need this mounting option.

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Hey @Gadget_stl. The Peephole Camera is unable have video rotated, and the only camera at this time that can have the video rotated is the Indoor Cam.

I’m not a developer, but seems like that code could push to other platforms. Hoping you can integrate it and I’d be a peephole customer along with my 7 other ring devices.

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I would like this option also. I have installed mine sideways on my rv door. If i had installed it normally I would not see anyone because im higher up than the ground. I might see the top of their head.


I posted about this issue, along with my solution, in the Ring Community Feature Request Board and need you to give Kudos to it so those in-charge of development at Ring will take notice and get this done. This could be a fairly quick feature change for Ring, but you need to up-vote my suggestion with a Thumbs-Up/Kudos, so please click the link and vote!

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