Peephole camera doesn’t detect package drop offs

I live in a town home with about 4 steps up to my door from the sidewalk. My ring detects anyone walking on the sidewalk. And will notice me coming in and out, but the capture is significantly delayed. The most difficult issue I’m having is that my ring is not detecting package drop offs AT ALL. I will get a notification from Amazon saying my package was delivered (with a picture) but my camera did not capture it?!!?

Hi there, @Javauna! Many neighbors who have stairs outside their entry way have shared success with using Wedge Kits for the Video Doorbells. These can be found on our Accessories page at The Wedge Kit will angle your Doorbell’s view downwards, which should help to catch visitors as they approach the stairs, and could also help to avoid road traffic. Combining this accessory with fine tuned motion settings will really help to optimize detection. :slight_smile: