Peephole Cam not connecting to WiFi

I am beyond frustrated. I have had my Peephole Cam for 2 years. Do they basically malfunction after 2 years? It will not reconnect to WiFi (my WiFi is working fine, I even had a technician from the ISP come in to check), and also says there is no battery when there is a fully charged battery in the unit. Firmware is up to date according to the app. I’ve already bought a new one but I’m still trying to get the old one to work. I don’t know why it has to be this hard.

@happytailsphilly Have you tried a new battery in the unit?

Hi @happytailsphilly. Can you verify that the ribbon cable is not damaged? This can happen during installation or become pinched. Are you getting any lights or sounds from the doorbell when the battery is installed?