Peephole cam - just got it, and doesn't work!

And now in more detail…

Just got the device, installed on the door and began the setup(after charging the battery).

The first problem I had(and still have), is that during the setup, the led around the button should spin. It doesn’t - in fact, it did not light at all.
The app setup procedure told me to press the little orange button - did that, still doesn’t light up.

In any case, I told the app it did, then moved on - it managed to find the device and connected to it.

From this point - “Device Health” gave me a clean bill of health, RSSI - 53. But Live View just saying “activating device” for a while… and doesn’t show anything.

Pressing the button on the camera does nothing - the light doesnt even turn on.

I DMZ the cam in my router - just to make sure it isnt being networked blocked or anyhing.

Please try helping me here, I’m running out of ideas!


I believe I found the issue - the flex cable that is connected seems to be cut ! And there is zero chance I could cause that. Its in a place supported by adhesive glue.

I’ll try contacting Amazon about this…

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I’ve came across the same issue. I just got it last night and installed it properly, no damage to wired, rssi 55, and it doesn’t work. I’ve filed a return with Amazon and getting a replacement sent, hopefully the 2nd unit works.