Peephole Cam - Doesn't Detect Motion Through Storm Door

Like the subject says my Peephole Cams don’t detect motion through my storm doors. The doors have plain ol’ clear untinted glass, and no screens in the cams’ field of view.

I can stand on the porch, wave my arms, jump around, and cause all kinds of commotion - nothing. As soon as I open the storm door all of a sudden the cams can see me and I get notifications.

Why is this? What kind of motion detection do these cams use that a pane of clear glass prevents it from working?


I don’t own one but there is verbage in the product page that says the following.

1The placement of your peephole may prevent you from seeing items left at your door. Screens and storm doors in front of the device may impact motion detection performance and camera field of view.

So it will impact motion detection. My guess is thermal possibly but I don’t know the exact answer to what it uses for motion.


I should’ve paid more attention to the fine print. Thanks.

I’m still curious to know what kind of motion detection they use if anyone knows.

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Hey @Bane! To add to what @Eagle328 said, the Peephole Cam uses an adjustable motion detection. This type of motion detects heat signatures which can be affected by glass or a screen. This is the same for most of our battery-powered devices, which is broken down in detail in our help center article. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Well, you’re right. The camera does not detect motion thru a screen door (also a screen door w/both glass & screen). However, I’ve noticed that the camera WILL detect the motion of passing cars (beyond my door and walkway) and NOT detect motion from my gate to my door. I wonder why this is?! The heat theory might be understandable thru my screen door ‘at my front door’. But what’s the explanation for capturing the traffic beyond?

I have the same problem. The Peephole Cam will only detect motion if someone opens the Storm Door. The Storm door is clear glass. I tried adjusting the motion settings and nothing. Very disappointed.

I have the exact same issue. What genius decided to make a peephole camera, intended to be used on doors, that cannot see through a screen or storm door? I bought two of them, they’re useless. My $20 Wyzecam sees through glass, detects motion, and detects people. Such a disappointment.


Same problem here. I have a clear glass storm door and motion detection doesn’t work with the peephole cam. :cry: