PC App doesn't show history time/date info on history playback

The video shown on the history playback does not show any time/date/camera_ID information. Is this a deficiency or am I missing how to turn it on?

Also the history segments from all cameras are listed together in one time sequence. I cannot find a way to just show one camera or to play more than one segment. I am using the PC because the videos do not show well on my phone’s small screen.



Hi @JoeM845. If you are having trouble navigating the Ring app, you can also view your video history on Ring.com. Just sign in using the same credentials as the Ring app, and use the website to view, save and share you videos. I hope this helps!

Hi, I cant see my history videos of my doorbell. It says there was something going on but I cant see the content. Is someone familiar with this?

I have to say that it happened 11:00 AM and I bought the membership at 13:00 PM. Is it that you can’t see what happened before? I hope its not because I bought it because of what occured at 11 AM.

Thx for your help

Hi @Mitch10. You can only see the history of events when you have an active Ring Protect Plan. Subscribing to a Ring Protect Plan will not retroactively be applied to videos that were recorded when there was no active plan. It will only save plans from the moment the plan was active. I hope this information helps!