Partially disable alarm?

I have a home with an attached in-law unit. I want a whole home alarm system but am on the fence whether to have it professionally monitored. One of my primary goals is to constantly monitor the in-law unit via motion and door/window sensors so I know if and when grandmother with dementia is up and moving around or tries to leave. Is there a way to disable part of the system so I only get alerts from her side throughout the day? I also don’t want an audible alarm going off every time I get an alert.

Hey @JamesGodwin. I totally understand wanting to make sure you have a way to watch over that in-law unit. For your situation, I recommend only installing door and window contact sensors in the in-law unit, especially since she should be in the unit most of the time from the sound of it, you do not want constant motion alerts. You can set up the contact sensors so that the specific ones in that area send you open and closed alerts. You will get these alerts regardless if you are in Disarm, Home, or Away mode. You can keep those sensors either not monitored in Home mode, or monitored.

By default, they will be monitored, but if you disallow them from being monitored in Home, and maybe just in Away, this can help you “arm” some of your home in Home mode, while leaving your grandmother’s section risk free of her accidentally tripping the alarm. The settings for sensors monitored in the mode will be under Settings > Modes, and once you have all of the sensors and system set up, the alerts for open/closed will be customizable on the sensor’s profile itself.