Partial access for contractors

Is it possible to give contractors a code so that only the first floor sensors are disabled and the second floor remains armed? We are having a lot of work done and want contractors to only access the first floor.

Hey @Kevin1844. You can have certain sensors disabled from being monitored when in a mode, such as Home mode. If you go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Settings > Modes > Select the mode you wish to change (you may need to modify all settings so feel free to do this for Home/Away) > Sensors, and from here you can disable sensors you do not need monitored in the corresponding mode! Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply. I’m trying to allow contractors to turn off a part of the system but not the entire system. I’d like them to be able to turn off the first floor sensors but leave the second floor on.

@Kevin1844 Sorry I didn’t clearly address that in my reply! I should’ve included a note that the changes described can only be done by the owner’s account side of things, and the only kind of code you can provide the contractors is a Guest code for the Keypad to arm/disarm it. They do not have a way change the settings like outlined here, but this is a good change to make for now, until they are gone from the residence! This way, you can have the system armed in Home mode, only monitoring upstairs sensors.

Just expanding on what she said :slight_smile:

You may want to switch the modes all around if you actually use home mode when home.

I do not. I have some “closets” I want monitored all the time so I have them set for home and away. I almost never disable, but am always running in home mode.

So for the time being you would change the contractor floor sensors to not monitored in home mode and the other floor to both home and away. When you leave set it to home mode.

If you take motion sensors out of both you can enable away when you are home.

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