Pan Tilt Mount Won’t calibrate

I just added the pan and tilt mount to a stick up cam that was working perfectly. When I first plug in the mount, it looks like it goes through an automatic calibration without a problem. When I go into the app and try to calibrate the mount for the home position, nothing happens. The app shows Calibrating and then fails. I’ve tried removing the camera and setting it up fresh but the issue persists. Any ideas?

iPhone 12 Pro running 15.5


Mine is doing the same exact thing brand new and get get it to work , deleted the app reset my phone, disconnected the camera all the usual stuff still nothing

Same problem here, stopped working this morning, Ring is sending a new one.

i just bought my Pan Tilt and i am having same issues with the calibration process!! from different forums i see that it may be a software issue since maybe 95% of the complaints are new devices i doubt its a hardware issue. mine works fine when going thru the automatic setup

I’m having the same issues. Contacted Ring today and they are sending another unit out.

What was the best way to contact them?

Had contact with Ring, they’re aware and working on it.
“Afwachten maar” (Now we wait in Dutch.)

I’ve been having the same problem. I’ve been calling Ring support every day for 3 days now and they just keep saying it will be fixed in 24 hours. I call back in 24 hours and they say the same thing. I have 7 cameras this is very frustrating.

I returned cam and base thinking it was a problem with those units. Ordered new cam and new base. Same problem (wish I I had checked here first.) This is madness! Would be easier to take if I thought Ring even cared. Was told I would hear back from “advanced team” – never did. When I had the same problem with the new one, at least the “tech” said he wouldn’t commit to a time I would hear from them. Base sits worthlessly at the foot of a cam that seems to work fine. Grrrrrrrr!

Having the same problem with 2 pan and tilt bases. Saw another message where Ring said they were working on it. We shall see.

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same thing happening for me, I just received my pan tilt camera today. it moves around properly when starting up after being plugged in, but will not calibrate or move otherwise. hoping it’s a software fix.

Same issues here… Bought 5 mounts and none of them work.


Same. Glad I came here, thought I was going crazy! They were working fine not too long ago.

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Contacted ring today and its a known issue with new devices, awaiting app update

Mine not working either now :frowning:

Same issues here just installed yesterday and spent over an hour with customer service just to wait for someone to look into it will get back later.

I have the exact same issue.

Same issue. Today I called in a second time the have sent out a ticket. they will get in contact via email in 48 hours. It’s disappointing to pay for something full price that doesn’t work. Can Ring at least come out with a statement regarding this?

I also had the same issue. The stick up cam installed fine, but when setting the home position it keeps saying calibration failed. Guess I’ll wait for a fix…

Same issue with mine. I fumbled with it for 30 minutes before checking google and finding this. At least I’m not the only one.