Package appeared, but no mailman?

I can’t upload the video on here so I’ll try to draw it out. From my cameras point of view (peep hole camera with package mirror), to the left is stairs going down. To the front is another residents door, next to them is another residents door. And to the right you can only see the railings to the stairs. Before the incident, the camera recorded videos of my neighbors walking their dog, so everything is recording like normal. And then about 2 hours later my package literally appeared out of nowhere in front of my door. No mailman no motion warning no nothing. Only way I found out about my package was because I got a notification about my neighbor walking their dogs and noticed something in front of my door. Even if the mailman decided to power slide my box from across the hallway, camera should pic up some kind of movement. Any ideas? Did the mailman delivered it faster then the camera could pick up motion? Did Amazon take their “prime now” to a whole new level and start teleporting their package? So many questions. I’m just trying to find a solution so I can prevent someone from stealing my package and the camera not picking it up.

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Have you done a search for the word “delivery” on this website? If you do so, you will find a number of posts with various types of delivery-related issues.

At first I too missed people coming to my door, but once I tweaked the Frequency and Sensitivity settings I haven’t missed a one.

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Great callout, @SolarEclipse! In addition to your Motion Frequency, you might want to look at your RSSI. A low or weak RSSI could cause a delay in recordings as well. You can find this information in the Ring app under the Device Health menu.