P3-11 error code

Tried charging my ring device today and when I’ve come to check it the battery is still low and it’s coming up with error P3-11. Does anyone know what this means?

My doorbell is showing the same code, there was another discussion on here, about this code, but it has been closed. Looks like the battery or the camera is US, and needs replacing. I will call Ring Customer service tomorrow.

Hi neighbors. This means that your device is not charged. I would suggest charging the battery to 100% before connecting your device to WiFi. I hope this helps.

I am getting the P311 code, too, after connecting the ring to its solar panel charger unit

Hi @user75817 . I’d recommend charging the battery manually. The Ring Solar Panel can help provide a trickle charge to the battery to extend the amount of time between charges. However, this is dependent on the Solar Panel receiving sufficient direct sunlight every day, which is around 4 hours.

My doorbell ring is hardwired and I’m still getting the P3-11 code. Any ideas why/how this could happen?

Hi @user77774. If you hardwire your battery-operated Doorbell, the hardwiring is trickle charging the battery, and the main power source is still the battery. Meaning if the Doorbell has excessive use or your environment has extreme cold temperatures, the battery will still drain and give you that code. If you have made sure your Doorbell does not have an excessive number of events in a day and your environment does not have extreme cold temperatures, give our support team a call to investigate this further with you.

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