Owner at two locations - notification only for shared user at second location

I ordered two base stations to set up two different locations (my home and my condo).
My son rents my condo, I want to set him up as a shared user there. I only want arming/disarming notifications for my primary residence . My son will want notifications for the condo.
Can I set up the second location to only give notifications to the shared user and not the owner?

Good question, @NeonD7! There are several areas within the Ring app which will allow alerts to be controlled. Luckily, as you are already planning on adding your son as the Shared User, this will automatically separate alerts by user. By design, the Owner of a Ring device and a Shared User will have their own notification toggles, independent from one another, to obtain the exact experience you are looking for. Keep in mind that Shared Users do not have access to settings that an Owner would. Feel free to check out our help center article for more tips on users and roles. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: