ow come I need to recharge my doorbell battery when the bell is hard wired?

I had the doorbell hard wired (by an electrician) with a new transformer, so why does the battery need recharging, or for that matter a battery at all?

Hi @Steve250. Hardwiring your battery-operated Doorbell provides a trickle charge to the battery that will help keep the charge topped off with standard use. The Doorbell itself still runs off of the battery and requires a charged battery to function. If your Doorbell experiences a large number of motions, dings, or Live Views each day, then it’s possible that the battery can drain more quickly than it is being charged by the doorbell wires. In this case, you can try adjusting your Motion Zones or Motion Frequency settings to help reduce the number of events it’s recording each day. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile:

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Came here to ask the same thing. This is not an acceptable answer. I live in a city. People walk by my house ALL DAY LONG. I set the motion as close to my house as I can. It still goes off because it’s the sidewalk in front of my door. My battery drained in a week and it’s hardwired. I read that I have to wait for it to warm up… ? It’s December! This is ridiculous. My brand new digital doorbell does not work as well as the little bell it replaced… that I NEVER had to charge. I do not like this device. You need a better solution. Or at least to understand the problem, maybe?