Over time, Ring Doorbell Pro uptime gradually decreases, reset helps for a little while

I have a Ring Video Doorbell Pro with a unique issue. After installing last July, it worked flawlessly up until a few months ago when I would get alerts only intermittently. I started monitoring it in my Unifi router/Wi-Fi system app and saw that the Ring would reset it’s connection and stay up for a matter of minutes until it dropped out. Following the troubleshooting instructions, I did a factory reset and added it back to the app, and it worked great for a month and a half, with uptime measured in days (and sometimes tens of days) but it suddenly went down to resetting its network connection every few minutes. One more reset and it worked good for a month, but it’s now back down to falling off the network every ten to thirty minutes.

I could entertain that it might be a wi-fi issue but the Ubiquiti access point that it connects to is about 25 feet away with no obstructions except for the obvious wall. My wireless devices get a strong signal when placed next to the Ring, and all other wireless devices in the home have a strong signal, including my Blink cameras that are outside and much further away from the access points.

Has anybody else here experienced such an issue? I have about another month of warranty and I’m thinking of calling support to see if they will send me a replacement.

Hi @ad8bc1. This definitely sounds like a concern our support team can address. They’ll be able to determine why the Ring Pro is doing this and the best course of action to correct it. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.