Outward facing camera in my car cam does nothing!

This thing is completely useless if I can’t ever see/record what’s going on outside the vehicle. The app shows nothing except me inside the vehicle getting frustrated by the damn thing!

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I have the same problem with mine. I was waving an umbrella in front of the car like a lunatic, even with the motion sensitivity on max, and it didn’t detect a thing.

So I did some further testing today. Cars or people moving by the front of the car didn’t trigger any outside motion alerts. What did however trigger alerts for me today were: heavy rainfall, pushing on the car so it rocked, knocking my fist on the car and starting the vehicle remotely. So it seems that most of the outside motion alerts were triggered more by some sort of vibrations than visible motion.

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I’m also having the issue of it not recording the exterior of my vehicle while I’m driving. It’s like it’s defaulting to me inside. So how do you get it to default to the exterior of the car? I’ve google and nothing.

Hi neighbors. When you access the Car Cam’s motion settings, you’ll notice a message that says, "While most Ring products use their camera and sensors to detect motion they can “see,” Car Cam uses an accelerometer to sense movement it can “feel.” This lets it detect when your vehicle is moved or impacted. Therefore, your Car Cam is not going to detect movement on the outside unless your vehicle is moved or bumped.

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I don’t see that language anywhere. But I do see this info which seems to refer to outside motion and has a picture showing it.

Mine appears to be recording, but when I go to history and try to view the video it says can’t play video the privacy window closed. So I have no idea what the front camera does or how to get it to do something other than live view.

It would be nice if there was any kind of user info besides the instllation.

I’m pretty frustrated with it as well.

@Justin_Ring so just to be clear, this Car Cam does not operate as a dash cam? Is that right?

When I say “Alexa, Record” is it designed to record from the front camera too and what’s happening in front of the vehicle?


I agree you cannot get anything from the front camera. I’ve been fiddling with this thing for 2 days and can not get anything from the front camera. Now if you put up the privacy cover and go to live view you can see what the front camera sees. If you go to play back the video from the live view you will get the message that can not play video because you engaged the privacy window LOL.

So in my quest to get anything from the front camera, I went to the front of vehicle and got is rocking. Surprise, it detected this and made a recording
of the INSIDE. LOL. So If somebody knocks the front of our car and then gets inside of your vehicle you will know who did it. LOL

wait till you go the ring site to do a return LOL. I did that and it told me I could return it up to Feb 8. I didn’t even receive it until Feb 15.

Yep, I went to the front of my vehicle and got it rocking.

the cam detected this but recorded the interior of the car LOL

From what I have figured out to make the car cam record as you drive you have to go into the motion settings and select “frequently.” This seemed to work for me but I only did a 2 minute drive around the driveway. You may need to touch the camera on the playback screen to switch from inside to out. Now if the car cam shuts off after you park the car because of the battery setting you are dead in the water as far as watching your drive.

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Okay, so what you are saying is that the camera is completely useless. Got it, thanks for that update. That is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. So if someone wants to KEY my car, or write on it, it will NEVER pick up anything at all. It will just let someone deface the car and vandalize it, got it =) Once again, the camera is useless and other cameras are WAY better. You charge a $6 a month fee for what? For nothing at all? I mean come on, your camera cannot pickup simple motion?! hahahaha that is a joke… it should be doing that, if someone is within a certain distance of your car the camera should pick that up instantly and not wait for it to be impacted or pushed before recording, that is a damn joke. In other words when something happens to the car in a parking lot it will only record what happened, AFTER and not before… thats a joke.

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Hi @John_G1. Even if the privacy cover is closed, the front-facing camera will continue to record while the car is in motion. You can flip the camera view using the controls in the upper right corner of the Live View. Using the Privacy Cover will disable video and audio recording on the cabin facing camera.

Hi @AttilaB. Car Cam uses built-in sensors to detect a physical disturbance to your vehicle when it’s parked, such as an impact or break-in. It is not designed to detect someone passing by or just looking inside. When a physical disturbance is detected, the cameras will start to record and you’ll get a motion alert in the Ring App and can see what triggered it with Live View when your vehicle is connected to your home wifi, or away from home with a Ring Protect Go subscription, which is sold separately.

Justin, it does to some degree. I came home, parked and went outside the truck to put the windshield cover on since it was snowing. That was all recorded. Are you saying, after a certain amount of time? I see at work, when set to outside, nothing ever happens.

When you go to playback / history you are using this button to switch between cameras, similar to a selfie on a phone?

Hi @Tom_Ring … If the Car Cam is in ‘parking mode’ and the accelerometer is triggered by a disturbance, you’ll never SEE what caused the event on the recording since it take 2-7 seconds to start recording… Your best opportunity to understand what happened is if the event is caused by someone that might still be hanging out and gets caught on video. However, this would never stand up in court if it got to that level as the EVENT is NEVER captured on video in ‘parking mode’.

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