Outside Wind-chime Sounds on Motion

I have two Ring doorbells. One is a wired Pro the other I just installed is a 2021 refurbished wired model.
The new one makes wind chime noises outside anytime it detects motion. I can’t find any difference in settings between the two, but only the newer one is making these sounds.

Hi @jeallen. Which model of Ring Doorbell is this? You can find the model name on the Device Health page in the Ring app. Additionally, is the wind chime noise coming from the Doorbell itself, or from your phone’s notification? You can control the App Alert Tones under Device Settings > Notification Settings.

Looks like the problem has cleared. The Health page says “video doorbell wired”

@jeallen Thanks for that confirmation, and it’s good to hear everything is working well now. :slight_smile:

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