Outside motion alert sound

I just installed a Ring Doorbell 2020 for my parents. Their doorbell is making a wind chime sound outside when it detects motion. I have a different version and mine doesn’t do this. They don’t want to turn off motion alerts because they want to receive these notifications on their phone, they just don’t want it making a sound outside every time there is motion. How can I turn this off?

Hi there, @Bondje! The Video Doorbell itself should only sound externally when two way audio is initiated through answering an event in the Ring app, or when the button is pushed to ring it. The Video Doorbell volume can be controlled in the Ring app by visiting the Video Doorbell page > tapping Device Settings > selecting General Settings > and lowering the Doorbell Volume slider there.

I recommend also checking for a Ring Chime they may have plugged in and linked, or an Alexa device they may have nearby, as these can also play motion/ ring notifications. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I investigated further and the sound was coming from his phone in his pocket :woman_facepalming: as well as the Alexa devices inside. I appreciate your help. :blush: